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China revisited.

Watery sunset, Hong Kong Harbour

I’m currently rebuilding my gallery of China photos having visited there in both 1999 and 2001.  Today I’m displaying an image from the first trip,  a late afternoon shot looking across Hong Kong Harbour.   The weather was humid and it was common during my visit for the skies to become increasingly hazy as the days ... Read more

The making of a monochrome panorama.

Galapagos Islands Panorama, the final image.

Digital processing using Photoshop.  An Example. In 2005, I was fortunate enough to travel through Latin America, and of course my camera(s) went with me.  After touring through the Yucatan Peninsula region of Mexico, and some of the neighbouring countries, I visited the Galapagos Islands.   Famed, from the time of Charles Darwin’s visit aboard HMS ... Read more

Laysan Albatross, photo, photo-art, illustration.

High key, Laysan Albatross, Midway Atoll.

At what point does a photo become art?    At what point does a photo become an illustration?   Well I don’t claim to have the answers to these questions,  and you probably have your own feelings on such subjects as well.   So I’ll leave you to decide for yourself which of those descriptions (if any of ... Read more

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