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The feathers are flying!

White-tailed Eagles fighting over a fish.

The white-tailed eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla) or white-tailed sea-eagle,  one of the species seen and photographed during my trip to Japan in February,  2016.   The white-tailed is among the largest,  and has the greatest wingspan,  of all the world’s eagle species.    Widely distributed throughout Eurasia,  fortunately it isn’t considered endangered despite historically being hunted in the ... Read more

Facebook photo challenge day 7

White Tern taking flight, Midway Atoll.

#challengeonnaturephotography Day 7 of #challengeonnaturephotography on Facebook.    The final day of what has been an interesting exercise. I thought I’d round off the exercise by revisiting a couple of old friends!    These fellows may be familiar to readers,  particularly if you’ve mis-typed one of my URLs as you will have landed on my 404 page.    ... Read more

Facebook photo challenge day 6

Reindeer, Svalbard

Day 6 of #challengeonnaturephotography on Facebook.    Today we’re off to the Arctic,  Svalbard north of Norway in fact.   In past days I’ve talked about sub-themes or genres,  well today is what I’ll call an “animal in the environment” image.    Some people think of reindeer as the “cattle” of the Arctic,  probably not an unreasonable analogy. ... Read more

Facebook photo challenge day 5

Kelp Gull, Lamberts Bay, South Africa.

Day 5 of #challengeonnaturephotography on Facebook.    I thought I’d make this a bird day,  3 different species from 3 different continents.   I said early on in this challenge that we’d also explore numerous sub-themes or genres,  well I guess we might call the chosen image a fast shutter speed,  action shot.    I was crouched low ... Read more

Facebook photo challenge day 3

And so to day 3 of the Facebook,  #challengeonnaturephotography,  photo challenge!     In the previous post I said we’d be exploring different sub-themes and genres,  well I guess today’s image is about storytelling.     During my time in Tanzania I was fortunate enough to witness the annual migration of the wildebeest including the crossing of the Mara ... Read more

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