Blue-eyed Shags

Blue-eyed Shag, "airbrakes" on

Let’s start this post by getting the confusing stuff out of the way first!   Blue-eyed Shag, Blue-eyed Cormorant, King Shag, King Cormorant, Imperial Shag, Imperial Cormorant,  six names,  commonly interchanged, all to identify the same species and that’s without going into the zoological naming conventions.   Phew,  confused yet? What ever name you choose (I’ll stick ... Read more

Return of the Pipit

The South Georgia Pipit, the only species of songbird found on the islands.

As friends and readers may be aware,  I’ve just completed travels through the Falkland Islands and South Georgia Island in the South Atlantic.    The focus of the trip was very much on nature and wildlife photography and provided some wonderful opportunities. I’d recommend travelling to the region for anyone who’s interested in nature and stunning ... Read more

Using search and a WP plugin warning.

Using the Archive Search facility. From time to time readers may wish to visit the Archive page to search for content through the tag cloud or category list.    Also on this page is a search facility,  if you’re looking for a particular term or subject. One thing which I noticed recently when checking the ... Read more

Red-crowned Cranes

Red-crowned Crane, profile

From my trip to Hokkaido,  Japan earlier this year,  a selection of Red-crowned Crane images.   I went into some detail about photographing cranes on a previous post and so won’t regurgitate all the information here,  check out the earlier post!    The images were captured using either the 500mm lens (with and without a 1.4x ... Read more

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