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The feathers are flying!

White-tailed Eagles fighting over a fish.

The white-tailed eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla) or white-tailed sea-eagle,  one of the species seen and photographed during my trip to Japan in February,  2016.   The white-tailed is among the largest,  and has the greatest wingspan,  of all the world’s eagle species.    Widely distributed throughout Eurasia,  fortunately it isn’t considered endangered despite historically being hunted in the ... Read more

Using search and a WP plugin warning.

Using the Archive Search facility. From time to time readers may wish to visit the Archive page to search for content through the tag cloud or category list.    Also on this page is a search facility,  if you’re looking for a particular term or subject. One thing which I noticed recently when checking the ... Read more

Gallery Updates Dec 15

sunlit peaks, Svalbard

A very quick posting today to mention some updates to my image galleries.    The first three,  as can be seen from the dates,  are images captured on film and latter scanned into the digital realm,  whilst the fourth is more recent and all digital capture.    These galleries are by no means complete and will be ... Read more

Launching the Newsletter

Changes to Subscriber Service. I mentioned about 6 weeks ago that I was considering changing my approach to updating website subscribers,  moving away from an automated email service to a manual “Newsletter” service.   Well it’s time to make the change and I hope/believe that it will be of benefit to readers. The principal change will ... Read more

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