Breaking Wave, Maui

Breaking wave, North Shore, Maui.

Originally posted back in 2011 and reprocessed now using Google’s Silver Efex Pro.   The image was captured at Hookipa Beach on the north coast of Maui where I was photographing some surfers and windsurfers riding the waves.     I managed to get some interesting shots of the board riders but took a moment to isolate ... Read more

Current Status!

Dawn, Taj Mahal, India.

Well,  as returning visitors may notice,  there are some substantial changes afoot on this website.     I am in the process of implementing a new look and some new functionality to the site as well,  so I ask for your patience if things look somewhat chaotic!    I am in the process of reposting a ... Read more

Full moon, Valley of the Queens, Egypt

Full moon over Valley of the Queens, Luxor, Egypt

Digital Image Processing,  how much is too much? As I continue rebuilding the website after recent changes,  I am revisiting some images from several years back which is an interesting exercise.  This is an image captured from a hot air balloon early morning outside the town of Luxor in Egypt and shows the full moon ... Read more

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