Australian International Airshow 2017

FA-18 flypast

The Australian International Airshow was conducted during this last week at the Avalon airfield outside Melbourne in Victoria.    This biennial event showcases recent developments in aviation,  particularly military aviation,  as well as providing aerobatic displays by both military and civil aircraft.   A feature of the 2017 was the first public display (in Australia) of ... Read more

The feathers are flying!

White-tailed Eagles fighting over a fish.

The white-tailed eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla) or white-tailed sea-eagle,  one of the species seen and photographed during my trip to Japan in February,  2016.   The white-tailed is among the largest,  and has the greatest wingspan,  of all the world’s eagle species.    Widely distributed throughout Eurasia,  fortunately it isn’t considered endangered despite historically being hunted in the ... Read more

Sunrise reflected, Hokkaido

Footprints to water's edge, Hokkaido

A quick series of images captured on the same icy morning as Cranes in the mist.    In addition to photographing birds,  and birds within the environment,  the location provided for some interesting landscape images as well. Recommended viewing. A bit closer to home,  there is a proposal to create a new National Park to the ... Read more

Japanese Red Fox, Hokkaido

Japanese Red Fox, Hokkaido

One of the memorable encounters during my trip to Hokkaido, Japan, in February, was this meeting with a beautiful red fox.   The experts tell us that there are two sub-species of the Japanese Red Fox one being the Hokkaido Red Fox. During our travels, we observed several of these foxes as they wandered through ... Read more

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