The Sunbirds of Kirstenbosch Gardens.

Southern Double-Collared Sunbird calling, Kirstenbosch.

For visitors to Capetown in South Africa,  one of the things well worth seeing is the Kirstenbosch Gardens at the foot of Table Mountain. The gardens,  and the adjoining nature reserve,  have a colourful history (see foot of this page) and support a wide variety of indigenous animals, reptiles, frogs and invertebrates.  More than 125 species ... Read more

Time to dump Google Analytics?

Introduction Like most website owners/operators,  I’d like to think that my website content is attracting an audience that find the material informative or enjoyable in some way.   I’d also like to think that there is some chance of that audience growing over time as well,  not because I’m trying to make a dollar (it’s actually ... Read more

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