Winter in Japan gallery now posted

From the Japan 2016 image gallery.

Just a quick posting today to let readers know that I have put together a gallery of photos from my Japan adventure in early 2016.   Some of the images have been displayed on the blog previously whilst others haven’t.  The gallery is not an exhaustive look at my images and may well be amended as ... Read more

Sunrise reflected, Hokkaido

Footprints to water's edge, Hokkaido

A quick series of images captured on the same icy morning as Cranes in the mist.    In addition to photographing birds,  and birds within the environment,  the location provided for some interesting landscape images as well. Recommended viewing. A bit closer to home,  there is a proposal to create a new National Park to the ... Read more

Blue-eyed Shags

Blue-eyed Shag, "airbrakes" on

Let’s start this post by getting the confusing stuff out of the way first!   Blue-eyed Shag, Blue-eyed Cormorant, King Shag, King Cormorant, Imperial Shag, Imperial Cormorant,  six names,  commonly interchanged, all to identify the same species and that’s without going into the zoological naming conventions.   Phew,  confused yet? What ever name you choose (I’ll stick ... Read more

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